Orchid Skeleton Collage

May2013 004-OrchidThe skeleton of this collage is a preserved orchid plant. Like most root systems, the roots of orchid plants are  surprisingly strong.  Most of the roots original to this plant are still intact.

Other elements in this collage include a variety of poly-cotton threads, Macrocarpa leaves, Honey Locust thorns, one milkweed seedpod lining, and an old orchid bloom.

Orchids have a long history of inspiring people. As early as 479 B.C., Confucius compared all that was virtuous to orchids. For this reason, Chinese artists placed orchids in their work to evoke qualities of humility, integrity, and refinement.

Orchids must have been the inspiration for at least one song Confucius wrote. He’s  credited with composing “Youlan,” (The Solitary Orchid”), one of the earliest pieces of written music that survived the centuries.

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Multiple Layers

Experimenting with depth and dimension, I recently started using  multiple layers of plant material. 

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