I’ve noticed that my experiences and results are born from the structures in which I operate.

I created a structure for myself that forwards benefit for myself as well as others, and society.

At heart, I’m creative and playful.  Producing effective visual communications is rewarding. It’s especially fun to take complex financial data and turn it into something clean and intuitive. My degrees in Marketing (M.A. from Webster University) and Communications (B.A. Rockhurst University) have been useful, although my main tools now are Tableau, Photoshop, WordPress and Excel.

Preserving plant material as a hobby and business had me grow as a person in ways I could not have expected.

Working with plant forms makes me see over and over how context changes everything. And it’s so clear that it’s what I bring, how open I can be, or am motivated to be affects the results.

Accidental discoveries remind me that the unplanned is sometimes way better than what I plan or even desperately want.

Although I’m a long term meditator, I’ve recently discovered a form of Vipassana that has had a powerful impact on my self awareness and growth. I hope to be able to lead Vipassana to children someday. In addition, I lead Mindfulness sessions with non-profits based on Google’s Search Inside Yourself program and Applied Improved.

Challenging, delicious and expansive:  my heart and mind have grown in unpredictable ways through traveling.

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