Casa de la Cultura Miguel Uribe Restrepo

The cultural center of Envigado is about a 15 min walk from where I’m staying. The building is a large,  beautiful traditional home with an open patio in the center, and auditorium and classrooms along the edges. I always stay in high rises near main roads and really enjoy the quiet and charm of the traditional neighborhood.

Many times a week they have live performances, movies, lectures and classes…

Lately on Friday nights they’ve been having musical performances early in the evening. Last week they had a group visiting from Spain performing Flamenco music and dance.

Both the women seated to my right and behind me were singing along until the group started playing Volero, and that’s when the entire place started singing. Rueda! It was a party!

I really liked this song, and started to respect the woman singing along not giving a F… she was going to love life out loud.