I Know What I’m Eating at Least Half of the Time

I know when it’s vegetarian and fruity…. so I dig in, regardless  of  the  details.

Vegetarian offerings are harder to find here: a shame really, because everything seems to grow here miraculously.

Fruits are plentiful and gorgeous and huge! I haven’t seen or heard of many of them anywhere else.

Usually there are great deals on the meals of the day (menu del dia) that are easily found for less than $5, including soup, meal, salad, small dessert and fruit drink.

This one is soup with veggies and oatmeal, whole grain brown rice, breaded (I think) and fried yucca, white something with basil, salad with a bunch of veggies and a dessert of a piece of pie of gulupa (fruit I’ve never heard of) and a uva/limoncello juice drink.

Super healthy and delicious.

This Meal of the Day is from a different restaurant. So gorgeous I wanted to remember it.

This one had roasted pineapple and roasted beet patty slices.

Grocery stores usually have special freezers for all the different fruit options you can buy. Enough puree for a few drinks is a couple of bucks.

Recently cut and prepared pineapple can be  less than a dollar, depending on where you shop.

One morning I made an aloe smoothie with whatever beautiful fruit that is below and ate some of the most delicious fresh mangosteens in the world. They’re white and slimy and amazing. I’ve read they’re a super fruit, but to export them they have to be irradiated and processed in a way that reduces the nutritional content.

Is my hair shinier for it though?  Doesn’t matter …. My inner happiness eating all this goodness outshines my hair.

Sometimes they sell unusual little fruit balls at the metro stations. I have no idea what they’re called, but they made a great snack with some cold coffee and a bit of Amazonian spice, a replacement for cayenne pepper (which I love but is hard to find).