Multiple Layers

Experimenting with depth and dimension, I recently started using  multiple layers of plant material. 

This is a giant elephant ear leaf (from The Kansas City Community Gardens, one of my favorite places), native grasses from Parkville, and spent Canna blooms near the center spine.

It’s about 34″ by 42″ and is framed.

Everything is coated with a polymer varnish which enriches the color and seals out any ambient humidity.


This layered piece has a section of an orange tree root on top of a winter dried piece of canna, laying on top of winter dried grass.

Sometimes I like the winter beaten look to plant parts, so I’ll clean them up and re-hydrate them, and then press and dry them. Even though I clean them off wet, they don’t lose much of their shape. When they do, I can’t recreate the interest that natural shape has.

This is 28″ x 32″ framed.




This piece is Lamb’s Ear, two large Castor leaves, Canna, Willow, and a grass on top.

It’s 28″ x 32″ framed.