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Sage was loved in ancient Arabia because it was believed to help one live a long, healthy life. Some even believed it contained the power to imbue immortality.

It was sacred to ancient Romans, who believed it extended life.

In the language of flowers, sage is a petal of domestic virtue.

The botanical name for sage in latin, Salvia Officianalis, refers to both its ability to save or heal, and its being prescribed as medicine.

Today it’s used in alternative medicine, and most commonly to add flavor to dishes that include chicken and eggs.


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Lavender has been growing wild for all of recorded history. I’ve preserved this most lovely specimen to create truly green art. It’s not the best picture – the color is actually rich and green. It hasn’t changed much in the six years I’ve had it.

Lavender a powerful herb. It is used for a huge variety things, including to treat stress and depression, to speed healing, and to kill bacteria.

It’s been used throughout history in cleaning and as a perfume. During the peak of the Roman times, one pound of good lavender was sold for the price of an average worker’s monthly salary.

It’s known to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. ┬áIt can aid sleep and relaxation, treat burns and helps acne. Dried lavender is a highly desireable fragrance and deters moths.

I’ve loved this piece of lavender for years, but I never framed it. I was happy to let it go as part of a series to a new home last month.


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