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Bigger and Smaller

newish 001-f.jpgNick Cave’s Soundsuits are fantastic collages on (often) formed and (sometimes) moveable cavases. His work inspires me to embrace my own imaginings.

I wanted a wearable plant suit. I have some great pieces of bark, like this piece on the left, as well as interesting branches like pussy willow, Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick Cottonwood, and Red Twig Dogwood that would be perfect on a suit.

Biologically, we owe our existence to plants. They’re the basis for all our food (even animals eat plants, after all) …. and all our air.

They sustain us in every way, and yet we’re so disconnected from the plant world.

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Collaging, Beading and Sewing

newish 003-f.jpgThe past weeks I’ve been working with embroidery floss, gemstones and plant material on archival mat board.

Experimenting with layering materials alongside plant material created new light and new views.

I love the texture, color, contrast and richness the mix creates.

I have several new and old pieces up at Cafe Gratitude in Kansas City and will be there for March’s First Friday from 6:30 to around 9:00 with wine to share.

Cafe Gratitude is at 333 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108.

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A Better Block

In October (2012) a group of innovative minds in Kansas City decided to create an ideal city block. They got the idea from Jason Roberts, who gave a TEDx talk in early 2012 on the subject.

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Art | Dance with U.M.K.C. at the Plaza Art Fair

My collaboration with U.M.K.C.’s Her Art Project at the Plaza Art Fair was designed to explore sharing plant art and dance with as many people as possible. I was excited for the opportunity to be in such a highly traffic-ed  area. It turned out to be way more people than I had expected.

There were more kids than there was space at the art making table from the moment I arrived to the time I cleared the table. The kids were determined and focused – they seemed absolutely starved to create. There was little time to talk about their creations or about dance.

After the table was converted to another project, I issued the dance invitation to people who passed by U.M.K.C.’s tent dance, and then I went into the crowd. The invitation was for a dance dare: go up behind someone and do a great dance – without them knowing it – in exchange for an art card.

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Money Experiment at the Maker Faire

It’s not easy selling something I love for $14. The 5″ x 7″ art cards I create and sell for under $15 are carefully crafted on conservation quality materials and always seem like such a perfect piece of natural beauty. And maybe I have a hard time letting go.

This year I gave myself some time to struggle with understanding the issue of letting go. Do I really want other people to have them? (I decided Yes!) Am I ready to let go of them? (Well, I thought, if they appreciate them “enough,” then yes). Am I doing this for the money? (I’m not making enough to matter, so no). Then why would the money exchange matter?

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