Traditional Colombian Music

You’ll miss Cabana Del Recuerdo in Envigado if you’re not watching out for it. It’s one of many businesses in the neighborhood along Caldas-Envigado (Cl. 38 Sur).

A single step inside and whoa…..where are we again? Who are you guys?

Traditional musicians at Cabana Del Recuerdo in December 2018

Eight or nine musicians come in and out of the group, sometimes for a song or two (one time with a beautiful hand-made harp), sometimes for the duration. 

I heard songs are about love and saw friends together, people on dates and men having genuine non-sexual caring friendships. What the fork?  Hugs, not back slaps. It’s  going to take me a while to get used to seeing this flavor of humanity.

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A City of Lights

Envigado starts to give Christmas a full frontal embrace in November.

The commitment starts with lights like I’ve never seen. Streets are shut down for vendors. It’s all about the holidays from now until sometime in January.

the lights and colors in Envigado's Parque Principal in Early December 2018 are amazing

Envigado’s Parque Principal in Early December 2018

They shut down a street adjacent to the parque for holiday vendors: food, jewelry, bunuelos, candles: all your holiday needs.

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