Parade of Myths and Legends

Welcome to the Myths and Legends Parade 2018 (Medellin, December, 2018)
“Desfile de Mitos y Leyendas” December 8, 2018

People were packed tight in El Centro the night of the parade -super tight, like U.S.-football-stadium-when-the-game-is-over tight. And the paisas (people from Antioquia/Medellin area), and my group of ex-pats, were polite and noticeably not drunk (so completely unlike a U.S. football- stadium-when-the-game-is-over). 

Brass during the parade.

The paraders got right up in the faces of the watchers, shot water at us, and played all kinds of latin marching band music. The crowd went wild for all the action the parade brought. 

Dancing zombies at the Myths and Legends Parade in Medellin, Dec. 2018
The vampire dancers had their own band.
Sad Ghoul at the Myths and Legends parade in Medellin, El Centro
The Ghouls!

Underwater elements at the Parade of Myths and Legends in Medellin Center Dec. 2018
Marching Band at the Desfile de Mitos y Leyendas Deciembre 2018