Mindfulness at The Grooming Project

The Mindfulness activities I organized at The Grooming Project ranged from listening to mindful, solitary writing and reflection.

We live in a world of rapid fire reactions and hurrying up to get to the next thing, and this group of mostly single parents was no exception, except that the pressure was even greater on them.

There were games as well as serious interactions.

Zip Zap Zop was hilarious and challenging. The mindful writing exercise was “What’s essential.” This is hard for everyone and an awesome challenge.

The most beneficial activity was the mindful listening and mindful sharing exercise (inspired by the Search Inside Yourself activity). Being able to be present to someone else’s concern is a practice. Our default is to focus on our own needs.

Getting what’s really important to your customer or manager has a strong and positive impact. Being heard is so unusual that it’s an instant win for the person who is doing the hearing.