Flower Mandalas

Flower mandalas are a botanical version of the ancient spiritual form that reminds us of the organization of the universe, and our connection to the infinite, within and without.

Buddhist priests make yearly trips to Kansas City to create exacting geometric mandalas in  sand. In a celebration of the importance of life,  the monks return the sand to the earth, destroying the image.

Through silence and guided meditation, participants in the Flower Mandala + Meditation workshop experienced a deeper connection with nature and themselves.

The meditation style was one of physical connection to the flowers held by each participant and gratitude and awareness of for their beauty, texture and scent. While breathing that fresh flower smell, the gratitude portion could have been endless. Sami Aaron led a guided mediation that raised awareness of the many, many senses that are activated while interacting with nature.

While the workshop could be hosted in many locations, Gardens of Delight was a perfect location for the spring  workshop.






A couple of student examples: